Sunday, July 12, 2015

Not-So-Still Life 
18” x 24” 1.5”
  Daily Paintworks  $400

This piece is more than a still life set up, it's an exploration of shapes, color and textures. It is also bigger than the usual ones, which gave me room to try different things - slathering on with mounds of paint, wielding knives, brushes and scrapers. To say that it was an exercise in fun, or a journey of discovery seems redundant, but it was fun, and for every decision I made, every color I put down, I had to sacrifice other ideas and color choices. I think this is often what painting can be about, and why I love it so much! 

(some close-ups)

This piece is painted on gallery-wrapped canvas, and because it is quite deep, the painting goes around on all sides. No need to frame it (but of course you could), it hangs flush against the wall.

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