Friday, February 21, 2014

First Light
Washington, D.C.
9" x 12"   oil on canvas

The Virtual Paintout went to Washington DC this month to visit the Nation's capital! While many of the artists chose the parks or monuments, I wandered around the neighborhoods until I came upon Congress Heights. I found this quiet street just as the sun was coming up. (See it here.) It was peaceful and beautiful, and I knew I could capture it perfectly in bright fresh colors!

This piece is painted on all sides, you can frame it up, or you can hang it, just as it is.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bay Area Haze
9" x 12"  oil on canvas

We don't get a lot of haze air in the San Francisco Bay Area in winter, but when we do it is kind of pretty to paint! Not so pretty to breathe of course. This area has gotten almost no rain in the past several months and it shows in the air - dusty, dry, and , well, full of color.  It's perfect weather for plein air painting - but we could really use some rain.

This piece is painted on all sides of the canvas. It can be framed up, or  hung  as  is. 

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