Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Country Road,
South of Gothenburg, Sweden
9" x 12" o/c

The Virtual Paintout, an art challenge using Google Maps Street View, is traveling through the city of Gothenburg, this month. While many artist have depicted the city and it's citizens,  I felt the need for some landscape painting, so I traveled out into the countryside. I found these lovely stretches of golden fields and green meadows. It was so serene, and the landscape had so much color, I just had to stop and paint! You can see for yourself how beautiful it was by clicking here!

This little painting is painted on all sides of the canvas, so it could be framed, or you could hang it up, just as it is.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

August Moon
9" x 12 " oil on canvas

I love summer. It is the best time, the sunflowers are blooming, the tomatoes and melons are ripe. At night you can hear the crickets chirping so loud you'd think they own the place. The earthy smell of grass and the garden fill the air with a perfume that cannot be detected during the day when car exhaust predominates. And the big August moon - the Sturgeon Moon - although this year it was called the super moon, rises over a peaceful backyard kingdom.

This piece is painted on all sides - it can be framed, or you can just hang it, as it is.

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