Tuesday, October 1, 2013

 Trees of Heaven - Again!
12" x 16"  oil on canvas
starting bid $75

More than a plein air painting, this is a portrait of a tree that I think is pretty special. It is very big and graceful, and it spreads out expansively, shading the street below, the highest branches visible for blocks around.  It's pretty old - it's hard to say if it started out as two trees that grew together, or one that just branched off from the bottom. It doesn't matter -  its size and beauty - that's what I'm trying to show. Its future is uncertain; it might get cut down. 

It's some type of "Tree of Heaven," and though it sounds lovely, making one think of branches reaching right up into the sky, it's a species with very bad reputation for being messy and invasive. So for now it's a Heritage Tree with an uncertain future. The land around it is being developed into a high rise apartment complex, and the plan is to clear the area here to make way for a more "manicured" look. I thought I should paint this lovely tree in case it just becomes another old memory. I've painted it before, but didn't feel like I had caught its size and majesty - I hope I have done so now!  

This piece is painted on all sides of the canvas. It can be framed up, or hung as is.

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