Saturday, June 9, 2012


In Trastevere
11" x 14" oil on canvas 

Hard to say where we were in Trastevere, exactly, because we spent most of our time just wandering the little streets and alleyways of Rome, blissfully lost. I do know we had just left Santa Maria in Trastevere, a most beautiful and ancient church - one of the oldest in the city. 

Rome is my very favorite city, I love the bustle and excitement of it, but also the earthiness. I'm captivated by its history, and the way people have lived on top of each other for more than fourteen hundred years. I love the columns built into walls, the temples which have been turned into churches and monuments, and the statues that look like people you might know - people that actually lived as we do, with hopes, dreams, inspirations and disappointments. I marvel at the utilitarian structures, like aqueducts and fountains that still stand today. 

Much as I would love to set up my easel and get to work, I can't.  I am a visitor, a guest, and my time here is always short. I must take pictures and paint later. I wanted to do this little street because it captures so perfectly for me the mystery, antiquity and endurance that is Rome. Who has lived behind these closed doors and shutters, what everyday dramas have gone on in rooms and gardens beyond?  I love how these buildings have endured. That big tree, growing in that tiny space, perfectly expresses what this city is like to me.

Recently, I discovered an artist who has the good fortune to live and work in Rome. Kelly Medford does exactly what I wish I were doing. She bicycles around with her gear in tow, and paints the scenes of Rome that speak to her. Her work is quick and fresh, she says what she needs to with a few strokes. I'm captured by the the spontaneity and charm of her work, of its creativity. I recognize many of the scenes she paints - she makes me feel as if I am standing right beside her. This view down the Tiber with that dome in back expresses perfectly what it's like on a beautiful day in Rome. 

"Boat Tour, Lungotevere" by Kelly Medford
You can see more of her work by visiting her website here. If you are interested, she has recently begun offering something she calls "Sketching Rome Tours" where she will take you around to visit the city and get a feel for its different parts, and capture them on paper. She is friendly and enthusiastic. It looks like fun. I hope to do this with her myself. 

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