Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Virtual Paintout

The Brilliant Dawn
Coroglen, New Zealand
13" x 9 1/2" oil on board

This month, The Virtual Paintout is being held in New Zealand.  So I traveled back and forth along the backroads (via the google map) looking for a scene I would like to spend some time with. I am always interested in the effects of light and color on a landscape, and when I came upon this view of Hodge Road in Coroglen, NZ I knew there was a lot to work with here.  With the sun just coming up - blindingly  bright, nearly overwhelming  the camera lens - it seemed an like an invitation for some really creative fun. Tonalism, luminosity, fauvism and color harmonies were a few things I could try out. I really had a lot of fun with this piece, and I hope you enjoy it too!