Thursday, July 3, 2014

724 Central
(Late Afternoon Light)
9" x 12"  oil on canvas

Is it the artist's job to find beauty in everyday things, or is that person an artist because they want to share the beauty they see around them? 

It's hard to know why an ordinary, not very old or fancy scene would attract my eye, but this one did. Perhaps it was the slanting late afternoon light on the trees and buildings. Maybe it was just that this place, like so many others around Mountain View (where I live) is existing on borrowed time, and I wanted to paint it before everything changes.  724 Central used to be part of "Motor Car Tune-Up," a local business run by a friendly, honest mechanic named Angie. People came to get their cars fixed, but stayed to visit because Angie was such a good guy. Well, the years have passed, and so has Angie, but the building is still there, empty now, but full of memories of how it used to be.

This piece is painted on all sides; it can be framed if you like, or you can just hang it up as it is.


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