Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cuesta Park Annex
16" x 20"  oil on wrap-around canvas

Cuesta Park Annex is one of the few remaining tracts of natural land left in our ever growing little city. City planners have assured us that what we really want is for it to be built up and improved upon, despite the majority of people who think that we should leave it just as it is. But lately it seems that this lovely little piece of open space has gotten a reprieve - the big basin the water district was considering digging has been put on hold, and now the proposed history museum was just voted down. 

That's the good part! The bad part is that the concept of keeping this lovely, natural  little piece of land "as is" is probably still in question. Eventually the economy will improve and the powers that be will look to this place with new eyes and reconstruction in mind.

But till then we still have a chance to walk around and enjoy the land, left pretty much as the early settlers found it.

This painting is painted on a thick wrap-around canvas, in a beige color similar to the dry grass. No need for framing, it is ready to hang.

This painting is available directly from me, or from The Daily Paintworks.