Saturday, September 17, 2011

 Before It's Gone
Cuesta Park Annex
16" x 20"  oil
Framed in redwood lath.

This week Cuesta Park Annex might have gotten another chance to exist. Long story short: official powers want to develop one of the last natural pieces of land around here - a beautiful spot - but now are reconsidering how much they will do. I've posted paintings and opinions so many times about this that it would be overkill to do it again - I'll just list those posts below.

So, another painting showing how beautiful this place is, how wonderful the many trees are, how lovely the whole area is - and what a great place it is for plein air painting! Dare we hope other development plans could be reconsidered as well?  It would be nice to save this place, leaving it as it is, so our children and grandchildren will have some idea of what the land looked like before we came here.

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