Saturday, July 30, 2011

Poplar Ghosts
16" x 20"   oil on canvas

This is a scene just off the Steven's Creek Trail in Mountain View. Well, it was a scene, but winter storms blew down a couple of trees and it no longer looks like this.

Though time has changed things a bit, it's still one of my favorite paintings, and I wanted to show it as an example of some of my work showing on a website I've recently joined.

Daily Paintworks is a wonderful online gallery - you can see lots of really good pieces from some very talented painters. If you enjoy looking at art you should check this site out, it has a feeling of feshness and excitement about it! I am proud to be showing among them. You can see the art for each day here.

Sadly, I am not a "daily painter".  I wish I was, but time and my obsession for putting out the best work I am capable of force me to go slower. But when I do put out new work, I am pleased to offer it in such in such worthwhile venues as are shown in this blog. Again, thank you for looking!