Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tribute to My Mother

Bathtub Girl
by Maxine Musgrave
(Courtesy of Louise Gilbert)

Most people would want to thank their mother for giving them life - and, well, I do. But more than that, I thank my mother for giving me art. A painter before me, she gave me the love of old masters, the desire to paint, and hopefully, the talent to do so. That she was talented, there is no question. She could paint with whimsey or intense spirituality. She was a master at portraits, could knock out seascapes and still lifes, and loved the unusual fun piece such as this "Bathtub Girl." Her real love, however, was her spiritual work, both painting and ministerial. She believed deeply that love was the answer to everything in life, and saw each challenge as a lesson to be learned.

My mom and I were very different in many ways, but we were always able to share a love of painting and the beauty we see in this world. Whether such things are taught or inherited, I am very grateful for receiving those gifts. 

So - Here's to You, Mom. No one could ever forget you!

To see more of her artwork, please visit: 
Or to hear her talk on Unconditional Love, you can visit:
(This video was made into a memorial after she died, but she hoped it would enlighten people.)

Thanks to Louise Gilbert, a very kind patron of the arts, for the use of this image.