Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Vincent!

Sunflowers in a Vase
22" x 28" 
oil on canvas

Today we celebrate the birth of Vincent van Gogh, one of painting's finest. Not only because he was such a gifted painter, although very few said so at the time, but because he painted in a style that was uniquely his own, as he thought was right, and opened a world of possibilities to the rest of us painters. Though considered unremarkable in his time, he is an icon in ours - a face and story known to all. 

But if you go deeper and think about it, he is important for many reasons. His style of painting helped create the expressionist movement as no one else did - he painted with his emotions every bit as much as he did with paint and brushes. He painted "outside the lines". He painted to please a deep inner place inside himself. He painted, I believe, to be loved. And though he was hardly considered lovable at the time, he is now one of our most beloved artists.

So, Happy Birthday, Vincent, you are, to me, very much loved.

To see his work and learn more about Vincent van Gogh please visit: